How much does renting microbus of 16 places?

Today it is very common for people traveling in groups to Madrid, want to make their stay to explore nearby places and meet certain sites of historical, cultural or historical interest.

In these cases most of them turn to their best option certainly is renting microbus, which certainly gives our clients several very important benefits for your trip to these nearby places and so much interest, especially because our service is practical and very flexible; we adapt to any time you wish.

Because when traveling in a group is very difficult to choose a taxi to move, first, because they would have to take more than a taxi if it is a large or just more than 4 people as space is limited group, on the other hand there is the factor price, a taxi usually make the trip is usually more expensive, because if you have to leave the city of Madrid, rates increase and still within it, if they have to be in constant motion the cost increases significantly .


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Our company has 3 fundamental principles: Trust, Reliability and Quality

If you want to use public transportation, this would bring some unfavorable consequences, because much of public transport have set times that are not always according to plans or schedules wishing travelers.

Faced with all these difficulties. The best option to take is renting microbusand this service will have full and complete freedom to choose departure times, places where you want to go, hours or days you want to return to your starting place and of course traveling more comfortably and it is totally affordable for any pocket.

If we compare every one of the advantages of renting a microbus to the other public transport option, you realize that this is your best option.

Our company is dedicated for years to hire buses, coaches, minibuses and microbuses to move both inside and outside Madrid or other communities;also it offers also the microbus rental service, with the highest satisfaction guarantees.

Contact us and send us your proposal indicating, we are sure you will convince the high quality of our services and direct you to enjoy with us our microbus rental service in Madrid.

Our prices are competitive, our vehicles are comfortable, so if you’re looking for a high quality service, do not forget we can help you make the best service for any area of Spain; either to transfer employees or investors, tourist tripsanother community or the community of Madrid; family outings or school level, etc. We have a travel plan for everyone, ask and inform you without obligation.