Minibus hire with driver for short trips

The taxi industry does not pass through its best. In addition to strong competition from services like Uber, renting minibuses with driver is an option increasingly used for short trips, such as transfers from hotel to airport and vice versa. But what is it that drives these customers to opt for minibus hire with driver instead of the traditional taxi?

Minibus hire with driver: a new perception

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Minibus hire with driver | Rent a minibus

Apart from the undoubted advantages of the minibus hire with driverbehind this new trend there is some change in perception regarding the use of the minibus as transportation. Today, with modern and comfortable minibuses on the market, and more than affordable prices, many companies find thatrenting minibuses with driver for transporting small groups of managers or executives is a plus.

The taxi only allows a maximum of 4 passengers, so at the time when a group is larger, it becomes necessary to separate its components in different vehicles. In addition to the discomfort this can mean for them – not fact they can interact during the journey rather than with his fellow trip- hire minibuses with driver provides a “status”. budget ask us email or phone call +34607372252

minibus hire with driver

For this reason, it is increasingly common to see at events such as fairs and exhibitions as many of the companies that are present in these events turn tominibus hire with driver for short trips, either from the hotel to the airport or from the hotel the congress palace. In a way, they are selling image from the very moment when their representatives come to the site.

If you have thought about renting minibuses with driver for a service like this, Torresbus features modern minibuses that can certainly reinforce the image of your company. Just contact us and we will inform you in detail.

Rent a minibus: step by step guide

If you have never conducted renting a minibus, you may not really know where to start. Therefore we will offer you a guide to all the most relevant to be taken into account for this service. Renting a minibus no major complications, but a few simple tips will help make your first experience to be totally satisfactory.

  • Learn about trusted companies hire a minibus

Internet must be the first step, but once made a selection of possible companies, you have to contact them and evaluate their attention. Based on what you have observed in both areas may draw its first conclusions

  • Ask for the rental of a minibus

Typically these companies will ask a series of data on the number of passengers, feature of the service or duration / distance traveled. These are information necessary to develop a budget that need to collect to assess the cost of therental service of a minibus.

  • Ask for information on the status of their vehicles renting a minibus

To rent a minibus, guided by price alone can be misleading. They need to know what type of vehicle fleet that company puts at your disposal. Not the same ride in a rickety old minibus that one modern with all amenities.

Based on this information it is very likely already it easier to make the decision of which company wants to hire minibus hire a minibus. If your image online is good, they have treated correctly, they have given the necessary information, reasonably priced, and its fleet of minibuses is modern, options that your experience is satisfactory are much higher.

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madrid rent minibuses, microbuses in madrid

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