rental microbus Where to rent a microbus , What services can I do?

The microbuses rental companies vary their rates and services according to their minibuses and buses, these companies are constantly running and ready for customers. The Car microbus (In Madrid, Toledo, Avila, Leon, Guadalajara, Cuenca) can help you find and make travel easier mind . How you may ask?

 ⚙ How do I book and rent a minibus in Madrid?

 ⚙ What kind do I choose?

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minibus or microbus What do you recommend?

What services can perform by minibus or bus


Where are we located?

 ⚙ What services does the company

 ⚙ How do I book and Rent a microbus in madrid


In we put easier when href=”” rent a microbus Madrid (or rent a minibus ) and the main thing for us is that our customers have it easier to book any type of vehicle for a trip, excursion, wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, because we we make sure that the rent or the book are calculated to the millimeter so that everything goes off without a hitch, you can call us at 607,372,252 send an email with the itinerary to the i address

 ⚙ What kind do I choose?
Before booking a Webmaster Tools” microbus rental it is important to know what kind of want because each class has more or less extras extras. and especially so that it will use either a bachelor party or a wedding

One of the easiest ways to properly choose the vehicle to perform the desired event is first seeing the inside and outside of minibuses and buses.

On the next page you can see the different types of minibus and microbus available to us for a rent microbus or simple-minded to see, the most important thing is to know which one to use if you have doubts or you are confused whether that you want to impress your friends and friends do not hesitate and send us an E-Mail with your questions or call us

 microbus 16 standard seats in madrid rent microbus 20 seats in madrid rental company rent microbus vip wedding stag parties  

Visit Madrid with us
Our company has been dedicated over 55 years to make visits Madrid and not only that, but also to perform rentals minibuses and minibuses for excursions, city tours either night or diurnal.
because we have a large fleet of minibuses, vans, buses and autiocares, and also with a template qualified drivers because they have

Education: select drivers who have education enough good to you is satisfied.

Languages: are sufficiently qualified because, before entering, we conducted tests to verify that can speak English as a minimum.

Seriousness: Within our company, which first mind is valued is the seriousness of the when dealing with customers.

Rental minibus: A minibus rental can comprovar that are not easy and so


Send us your questions
If what you need is to make an inquiry do not worry because you can call us to tell us for example What microbus choose and so they can help be happy to help you choose microbus or minibuses will be the most convenient:

How much you can get out microbus: This question is very complex to explain because each budget we adjusted it as much as we can? in order to ensure that we give our customers an affordable, because when we disaggregate the budget many factors.

Minibuses wear seat belts YES, either a microbus or minibus leading independent child restraint systems and in each seat can comprovar in the picture below the microbus has belts and restraint systems because for us the first thing is the safety of our customers and the same, so our vehicles have the latest systems security and bodywork ) since they have last generation systems stability, anti-rollover body , durable body and chassis

What is the capacity of the trunk of a microbus: boot capacity of a microbus varies according to their places, because having fewer places has more trunk the microbus , so it’s convenient information and specify what to wear.

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If you have any questions about how rent a minibus or microbus do not hesitate, write us and we’ll help you solve all problems, questions or queries you have about as is or are the microbuses or microbus be happy to assist and solucionarte you have doubts

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Car 16-seater minibus
One of the best options to go with friends, family or directors is a minibus hire 16 seats . as the minibus has reclining seats and seats with unparalleled comfort, and not only that, in the class of minibus 16 seats vip , you have as impressive as USB extras, WIFI, MONITORS these and many more here research.

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Car seats microbus 25
This is one of my favorite as the Car microbus 25 seats is a microbus hosting and traveling comfortably, this is especially for large large families or groups of friends , why?

Number of places: this is ideal for small groups number

Convenience: When riding a small group we’d go more quietly, and let the family alone and bus not share with anyone.

Availability: Your us call us, we ask price and once we start will be at the door from home, and we go where you found us said.

Cost: a minibus of 25 seats can reach us out better than a minibus of 16 places because what interests us is that you enjoy your holiday. The Company have at your disposal the microbuses , and here you enjoy your fleet and especially reading an article how microbuses vacation continue rising thanks to all of you that every time you trust us more .


Car bus 50 seats


we got one of the best sections, which comes into play our 50-seater bus , as this is especially for schools, large groups of tourist companies, factories, airport transfers, .. . to solve all kinds of problems and so faciliarta work and gain time as a group of 40 students, for example, they can come without any problem, if what you want is, to know more about rent a bus of 50 seats in Madrid I leave a page for you to see the prestigious advantages, and thanks to these buses will not have problems to transport groups

Coach hire 70 seats
This is one of the most impressive buses, since it has 3 axes, 70 seats and a staggering 15 meters long, the coach known for Goliath , is our coach more large intended for weddings, as you can easily carry 70 passengers mind from one point to another, the seater coach hire in Madrid 70, it is becoming more efficient, thanks to tourist groups each move through, Toledo, Cordoba, Segovia, Avila, …

What do you recommend minibus or microbus
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What services can perform according minibus or bus
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Where we are located
We are located in, getafe, in the smelters Street, 79, the Car microbus you have to perform when booking the phone number or email, if you want to see the microbus before getting to the, you can call us and ask us, we’ll be happy muestraremos

 ⚙ What services does the company

Services with our
We have a wide and modern range of taxis, buses, minibuses and maxibuses luxury, which can choose from 3 seats to 72, being our great bet the extensive fleet of buses Extra long 15 meters (60 to 72 seats).

In addition, our rental company coach, alquier microbus, rent microbus, microbus rental staff is comprised of a qualified staff with years of experience behind the wheel for Spain and Europe, which gives security and tranquility and excellent service to all our customers.

Our services include:

  • Business Travel
  • Travels in Spain.
  • Travels in Europe.
  • Weddings.
  • hen nights.
  • Conventions and Congresses.
  • Sightseeing Tours.
  • Tour Operators.
  • Snow, Ski.
  • Excursions.
  • Airport Transfers.
  • Taxi
  • Guides.
  • Hostesses.
  • Catering service.
  • Disabled Zone.
  • Zone Bar.
  • Game Zone
  • Bases in Madrid and Toledo.
  • Service 24 hours
  • Specialty buses 72 pax (15 Meters). Benefits
    • Greater trust with our customers
    • service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
    • Flexibility: access a lot vehicles of all types and sizes
    • Transparency: Complete information on transport
    • Punctuality when performing services

      Here we present a long list of services we offer without any competition