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In our company what we value most is your satisfaction with our services, either a rental minibus, microbus rental or several minibuses or microbuses .

we have the best tours at the best price, the best travel deals either for an excursion, wedding, communion, baptism, bachelor or bachelorette party, for all types of services you can imagine, we are at your disposal
What if I have any questions?
If you have any questions or any questions when request a quote for a rental minibus here you have 3 solutions we offer so you can contact us

What else can we tell you about our company and minibus hire?

We consider ourselves a company that looks for others, as we strive every day more and more in order to bring you the best deals on quality – price when renting a minibus or microbus in Madrid

If you are new and want to travel and see different parts of Spain in their free time without obstacles. The spacious luggage compartments of ourmicrobuses is one of the main reasons when making the trip, and thanks to its large capacity, carrying luggage of large groups, it is easier, and we avoid bringing it right, bring car. Another case is that they are the most economical way to move large groups whether family, friends, university, ect.
If they are to make a day of rafting in the mountains or mountain biking in the various parts of Spain, you can put your bike in the trunks, look like wide.

The minibus rent can not only use it for excursions with family, if you want to go with friends to the Sierra de Madrid or Covadonga Lakes to lighten up and have a break from the city, and especially to make these trips with friends, we all know this means a great opportunity to enjoy without having to spend long hours driving, road gradient, checking the vehicle having to stop to eat and not be able to enjoy the food that you are thinking you have to drive, not being able to go playing with your son … so the minibus rent, is one of the many reasons why we recommend it


In economic times like these turbulence, not enough to be “good”. Yes, we believe, to work much better than our competition. That is something determined by which we distinguish ourselves from our competitors, is of superior quality. Our commitment to quality begins with the corporate philosophy and corporate strategy. It covers the management and operations management, the core of our company: the interface to our customers. Here we see the particular service quality as a fundamental guarantor of relations with long-term customers.


For us, these are not empty words, but true quality characteristics. As already mentioned, our main goal is customer satisfaction. Looking forward means that the existence of a customer relationship long (and happy). We are only satisfied when you are. And that enthusiasm is contagious, it is well known. For this reason, we recommend our customers happy.


Satisfying the growing confidence. What makes trust: can not suddenly acquire.You must grow. In our company enjoys this tender plant of the importance of an ethical code to which we are committed to all customers from the beginning.Trust based on reciprocity – that make it a solid floor. Handshake to handshake.And our customers keep coming back like us. The result: a long-term convergence and personal recommendations.

Whenever we will make a minibus hire, we generate billions of questions like:

  • Are minibus seats will abundantly?
  • Can we put all the bags in the trunk?
  • Will I be able to where I want?
  • What security systems have the minibus?
  • Will it take belts?
  • Can we make a minibus rental for less than 12 people?
  • What is difference between normal and vip?
We reply that can rest easy, because in order to make a long trip to San Sebastian or Paris (France) or go puertadel sun Madrid, or has the Hortaleza district because our seats are reclining and comfortable, and especially for tall people when we sat in the seat, give us your knees against the neighbor across the street, the answer is that here, as they have a separation distance.
If you want to carry luggage can be assured that the trunks are wide. Because not only has the advantages described but also the security they have:
  • Independent safety belts per seat – seat
  • ABS Antilock braking system
  • ASP
  • ESP stability control
  • ASR traction control system
  • Brake Assist BAS
According to your wishes requested in the budget form , you can spend their free time without any breakage head since the budget that we provide will convince you, even make the trip by minibus or microbus road either weekend or any day of the week for any event, the rent can be so very good if you hire a minibus or microbus rental with driver.

What else can I do in a day or week with a minibus rent?

With a microbus or minibus can go visit shopping centers, markets and shops, and if you want to buy at some point a souvenir of the city of Madrid, Toledo, Avila, Caceres … Why not combine a sightseeing tour with their friends, family, business leaders in Madrid with a break in the city ?. Our company offers all the possibilities that you can imagine.
What extras and technology has a minibus and microbus?
  • maximum comfort
  • Surround sound
  • Individual reading lights
  • Maximum security inside and outside the microbus
    • Individual safety belts
    • Abs, Esp, Asr, Bas
    • resistant body
  • Interior is comfortable
  • professionals and serious drivers
  • 1 Monitor video
  • Microphone
  • Separation between seats – seats
With that technology and extras account the minibus and microbus vip?
  • maximum comfort
  • Surround sound
  • Individual reading lights
  • Maximum security both inside and outside the minibus
    • Individual safety belts
    • Abs, Esp, Asr, Bas
    • resistant body
  • Interior is comfortable
    • Leather seats and armchairs
  • professionals and serious drivers
  • WIFI
  • USB
  • More than 4 monitors
  • Coffee maker
  • Fridge
  • footstools
  • Microphone
  • Separation between seats – seats
  • tinted windows
  • elegant color

You can also rent if you intend to make a small move or want to transport materials or important elements.

All of our new customers have always wondered and wondered how many squares of a microbus really need . for rent.

Our minbuses and microbuses ranging from 16 seats to 30 seats, if they were more should hire a coach or bus 35 seats, 50 seats or 70 seats

What do you recommend if you make a
minibus hire us?
Visiting Madrid as it is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, with Toledo that excites you, just see the sights of both and especially the monuments.Tourist travel by minibus or microbus made by our transport company are impressive and very good price because we have specialized tour guides in each city so you can discover even the purest secret that keep each.
In calling you about a microbus or minibus hire in Madrid will benefit from all the offers we have and above all you will know the true enigma of how much is rent minibus to enjoy an unforgettable day or a magical night. On transport you need not depend on whether or not they have to drive as rents a minibus with driver all you have to do is enjoy.
In Madrid you can visit many monuments, such as
  • Prado Museum
  • Plaza de Cibeles
  • Sun Gate
  • San Miguel Market
  • Puerta de Alcalá.
If you are an art lover, you can visit institutions such as the
  • Almudena Cathedral
  • Monastery of the Escorial
  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum
  • Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida.
The city is a perfect place for those seeking relaxation, adventure and culture destination.
Over time, you in the Citytours Madrid has to follow the guidelines set by the guide, is deciding when we stopped at one of the city tours not separate from the group as this will help to know more about Madrid, Toledo we also have many monuments that can be visited as:
  • Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes
  • Alcázar de Toledo
  • Tránsito Synagogue
  • Santa Cruz Museum
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria de Toledo
  • Christ the Light
  • San Martin Bridge
  • Santa Maria la Blanca (Synagogue)
  • Castillo de San Servando
  • door Hinge
  • Santiago del Arrabal
  • Church of El Salvador
  • Palacio de Galiana
  • Church of San Ildefonso
  • Plaza de Zocodover
  • Park 3 cultures

worth, not only large families and groups performing these tours, but also for those who have a vocation for art.

Do not look for the best price on making a minibus hire as you found it. Right –click and request your quote or contact our department budgets and help to formalize the budget.

If arriving by plane or train to Madrid we encourage you to ask us for money or budget transfer from Madrid Barajas airport, Atocha Renfe, AVE (train station) and take you to your hotel at the best market price.